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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Your Pictures and Geotagging May Map Out Your Every Move

You need to be aware that your GPS enabled cameras and smartphones record the exact location (within 15 feet) of where you took your photos.  Now, if you post/share those photos online you may be giving someone a "roadmap" of where you are at and/or your daily travel routines.  This web site, http://icanstalku.com/ , is trying to bring awareness to this issue by surfing twitter pics with GPS coordinates and then posting the users whereabouts online on their web site for the world to see.  Remember, sharing photos online with Twitter is sharing them with the WORLD (very few people keep twitter private) versus Facebook or other picture sharing services where you can choose who is allowed to see them (on Facebook you should really have your picture privacy settings set to "friends only" and use friend "lists" to manage more specifically who can and can not see what).
Watch this news clip.

I wonder if Sting and the Police would have ever thought their song "Every Breath you Make" would have ever become such an easy to do reality like it is today since so many of us post our "every steps".
Listen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEnJDaqT3-0 

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