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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

SmugMug - Professionally Market & Sell Digital Pictures

Several individuals I know use SmugMug http://www.smugmug.com/ to host their digital photos.  This web site will allow you to sell your pictures online for a fee.  People can browse through your albums and select the prints they want to add to their carts for purchase.  They offer professional printing services and the photos are sent to the buyers address.  They can purchase them securely with a credit card and the profits are added to the sellers account.

The site also allows users to share photos on many different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and others which will assist photographers in building their customer/fan base.  Sites like SmugMug are cool tools that professional and amateur photographers alike can use to build their portfolios and careers.

Here is the link to a local photographer, Lefrak Photography, who captured images from our high school graduation last weekend and shared the images with all for free.  Thank you!


  1. Jon,
    As you know, I've been using Smugmug for awhile, and they're an awesome company to deal with.
    If you're interested in more Graduation Photos, check these out:
    I didn't take nearly as many as Sean did, but there are some fun ones on the first couple of pages.

  2. Thanks Mark! Here is a link to an awesome portfolio of pictures by Mark Nadell. http://macbethgraphics.smugmug.com/ He takes wonderful pictures of our Nordic skiers at each ski race during the winter season. I have personally purchased some of his pictures of my daughter skiing. Not only were the photos terrific but the print quality was awesome and they showed up at my home literally like 2 days after buying them online. So, I agree, SmugMug appears to have their act together.

  3. Nice job with this blog. I'm flattered that you chose to post a screen shot and link to my website. That was my favorite shot of the day.

    I agree with Mark that SmugMug is excellent, and I'd like add a few comments.

    1) Their standard website design is great looking, and you can customize it extensively.
    Their support forum, www.dgrin.com, has tons of instructions and code snippets from SmugMug experts and users alike to help you. You don't even have to know HTML or Java Script. Just copy and paste.

    2) You can use their website as is, or make it your own by removing virtually all SmugMug branding from it. You can even have your company name instead of SmugMug on the return address on the packages delivered to customers, and use your own domain name instead of the 'yourname.smugmug.com' url. Right now I have www.lefrakphotography.com redirected to the www.lefrak.smugmug.com url. I'm in the process of transferring my domain name, so I can have my url remain in the address bar of the browser the whole time. The only place the name SmugMug appears is in the help pages, which are optional.

    3) They offer professional print processing from your choice of 2 labs, and as you mentioned, the quality is first rate and the shipping is prompt. They guarantee the prints, and will reprint them or refund the customer’s money if they are not completely happy with them. You can’t beat that.

    4) At first I was wary of allowing sharing on social media (it too is optional), but I’m glad I did. I get frequent hits from around the world because people linked their photos on Facebook.

    I do this as a hobby now, but when I retire from my day job and do it more, I'll probably stick with SmugMug.


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