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Friday, May 4, 2012

Do you need a BA, MA, MBA, JD and PhD? - CNN.com

Going to college...why?  

Great article below about why students should go to school and how society's perceptions of the value of an education have changed.  With the recent dramatic increases to the costs of an education politicians, students, parents, and others are calling for more accountability to insure that the costs are justified.  Others are afraid that this singular focus on accountability is narrowing student learning to simply a means to get a job or a good paying career.  The problem here is that getting a job does not necessarily create fulfillment for people.  Educators often argue too that we need to look at schooling as more of an opportunity expand our minds and find inspiration to become life long learners.

What do you think?  Both sides have strong arguments and as the cost of going to school continues to increase I think this debate will only broaden.  Please comment below.

One final thought: "We make a living from what we get. We make a life from what we give."  Winston Churchill

Do you need a BA, MA, MBA, JD and PhD? - CNN.com:

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  1. I thought the article was really interesting. The views on college are clearly very different now. I think it's very important to go to college because there is a lot of opportunities that could be missed if you don't.

    A lot of these comments were saying that you don't have to go to college to be successful or happy in life. This could be true, but in order to get a high-paying job, you will most likely have to get a degree.

    I would really like to go to college in a few years for many reasons. Mostly so that I can get a good job later in life and do something I love. Also, the experience of meeting new people and going to a new town is something I would like to do.

  2. This article was really useful. It said how some employers now a days won't even take a look at your application or have an interview with you without a college degree. If you do have a college degree their are a lot more job opportunities out there, but that is not always the case. Now a days college is basically everything, unless you are going into a labor force job.

    I feel that most of the comments regarding this article were on the labor force's side. One guy posted how college professors are only making between 60-80K a year, so where is all the money going? When some kids are paying 40 grand a year. These comments were also helpful in understanding the views on other people.

    I think that this article was very useful to read and should be shared on to future classes. I'm more on the side of the working class because were always going to need people to work in the fields, labor workers. This also includes good pay.


  3. The Article had lots of information. It talked about how college isn't all about getting jobs it also about the experience. Everyone says they want to go college so they can get a job and support their life style but Colleges are saying its more about what your taking in and the experience. College is a learning experience for relationships, embarrassing the world of ideas and discovery.

    The comments at the bottom of the articular all had their own point of view. But in my opinion they were all the same point of view. I felt that most of them were the point of view from someone who didn't go to College and still had success. For example, one talked about how you shouldn't go to college you should just jump into a job and work your way up but sometimes that doesn't work especially now a days.

    In my opinion college is very important. Not only for the education but for the experience. College is about finding who you are and finding out what you want to do. Making money wont be everything unless your happy with what you are doing. Sometimes a really good job isn't the best job for you.

  4. I thought that the article was very thought provoking. Do i really need to go to college to be happy and successful? The article supports both sides of the story from both people who agree and disagree. I think that that part of the article was very interesting to read.

    The comments were very surprising to me. A lot of the comments were against going to college. I do not know if that is because the people that comment were all against it or if the people are against it and have enough free time to comment on an article they read.

    I personally think that someone should go to college. It gives you many experiences you would not get elsewhere. One, you get to learn a variety of things, and two you get to meet a variety of people. That is what in think college is really about.

  5. I think this article is interesting. It talks about collage, and getting an education. It makes you think if and where you want to go to collage. If you want a good education after High School, then you collage would be a good idea, but there's other people that want to go to collage but its too expensive. Some people go to collage just so they can get a good job, but when you go to collage you're not guaranteed a job.

    Most of the comments were about how you don't need to go to collage just for a good education. Some people said, to get a good job, you don't always need to go to collage.

    I think that if you're specifically looking for a job that requires a degree, then you should probably go to collage. When going to collage it can be pretty expensive, if you can't afford it then you should not go and just try and work your way up to getting a good education, that doesn't require you to go to collage.

  6. I thought this article was really interesting. It talked about what college should really be about. For example, most student's go to school to be able to get a job afterwards, but some are saying it's not the job so much that matters, but instead the quality of learning, and the mindset of wanting to learn. This article definitely made me reconsider the way i look at going to college, which used to just be about getting a job, and made me think about wanting to go to college to actually get an education.

    I was really surprised by people's comments on the articles. A lot of people commenting were saying negative things about college, such as it is unnecessary, and that you can find other, better jobs without it. I had mixed emotions about what these people were saying, because on one hand, college is extremely important if you want to find prestigious, and well-paying jobs, but on the other hand, I believe that it depends on the individual person and what he/she wants out of life.

    I believe that college is important, and worth the cost for many reasons. First, in this day and age, it is really hard, and in some cases impossible to even be considered for a job if you don't at least have a bachelors degree. I also believe that college is important for your learning and experience, because it does offer a lot of great classes, and also it offers a whole new experience of maturing and growing as a person, that you might not get otherwise.


  7. Arturo
    I agree with the article because i think it gives very good examples on problems wit6h collage and whether its important or not to make a good living. I think that the lower class families have a hard time in deciding whether its worth the struggle in getting the child into a good collage and if he/she will have a job waiting for them after he/she graduates. I think that some people over reacted with the comments. I think that most of the people that commented are people that didn't attend collage and are jealous of the people that did and i also think that people spent way to much time commenting on that page up as long as 4 paragraphs. And the people that are bragging that they didn't go to collage but still are very wealthy people well my comment to that is that not many people can create their own business and become successful they need a collage education to be able to pay the bills. I think collage is important. Its important because people cant rely on becoming the next face book and making billions of dollars its important to study something that pays well and that makes you happy to be able to have a good life and not be owing anyone any money.

  8. I completely disagree with this article. A college degree is irrelevant to happiness and your capability. But i do realize that some jobs will not accept you if our college degree is non existent, and i feel like that isn't a very fair decision because some people cannot afford the extreme prices of a thorough college education. What is Bill Gates didn't go to college and nobody accepted his ideas? Computers would never have excelled to the height of technology they are on now. So the point i am trying to make clear is maybe college is helpful towards your goals of an amazing job, but you don't need it to succeed in life. You decide how your life is going to be, not some life devouring piece of paper telling you that you achieved a college education.

    -Steven Bonavita

  9. after reading this article i do think that people are right and wrong about college. i mean they are right you most likely wont get paid more if you go to college. but many jobs these days require you to go to college. so that does mean you should go in my opinion. but i do think that the article is right when they say that if your parents are lawyers or doctors then they expect you to go to college.

    but these days colleges are more expensive then when they went to college. and so they don't understand that college may not be a option. but these days people who are middle class want to go to college they keep accustom to their lifestyle. or make a better one for themselves.

    but most of them wont make more money. or they wont be satisfied with the job they get. and so they want to switch careers to a more fulfilling job. so they in the end sort of wish they didn't go to college.


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