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Friday, September 7, 2012

President Obama's Speech & Vision for Four More Years

Last night our President delivered a speech at the National Democratic Convention.  In it, he outlined his vision for our country and what his plan is for the next four years if he is to be reelected.

Watch the speech and please comment below with your thoughts regarding his speech and vision.  What should democracy look like?  How can we be great citizens of this nation?


  1. I agree with what he has had to say.

  2. i think it was a good speech

  3. I agree with what he has had to say, and I hope he will reinforce it, and make it all happen.

  4. Maritza E.
    I agree that we have a freedom of speech and that the education is very important to the united states of america so we can have more jobs. I am also happy that he is trying to have world peace :)

  5. I think hes a good and strong speaker. I agreed with lots of what he said. I dont think hes the best president but i dont think either of the candidates are that good. I belive i would be a much better president.
    -Brittaney G

  6. Valeria C.
    After I watched Obama's speech I thought it was great I agree with all the changes and ideas he has to lead us in the right direction in making America a better America. I like how he pointed out that we are a united nation and no one will be left behind.

  7. I thought that the speech make me realize that we should all have freedom. Also that we can be great citizens of this nation by having all the rights
    Leticia m.

  8. The speech he made was really great. I agreed with most of the things he said. I mostly agreed with him about the citizenship thing because I think everyone in this country should be equal. It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor.

    -Joana D.

  9. i agree with everything he said it was great speech

  10. from what I've seen, I personally would like Obama as president again. but, I would like to hear the other side of all this BEFORE I make my decision. I would also like to hear the opinions of other people about this so that I may have a better stance on whats going on.

    Jesse H.


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