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Friday, April 1, 2011

DJs and Web 2.0

Today in my web 2.0 class we explored a social media site for DJs and music mix affectionados - http://www.mixcrate.com/  Here, DJs and music fans can like, comment, share, download, and upload their favorite music mix playlists.  Just another example of a web 2.0 site created for a specific segment of society that allows them to interact around their shared interest; in this case, mixing music.

Student Reflection Assignment
Class, please comment below on how you think this site, mixcrate.com, could benefit DJs.  Also, do you think the site has potential to make money?  How so in addition to selling advertisements?  Last, for extra credit you can post the link here to your favorite mix you found today when browsing the site.
Just sign your comment with your first name. Mr. H


  1. I think the website mixcrate.com could help DJ's because if some record company saw any of the mixes they liked they could buy it from you or you could get a job and become a big time STAR.

  2. This site could benefit djs by giving them somewhere to get noticed and therefor get jobs.I think this site has a huge potential to make money. you could make tons from ads and charging money to download.
    This was my favorite

  3. i think that this site is extremely helpful to DJs for many reasons. one is that its free and easy to get your name out. i think they could start making money by charging a fee like itunes does to download songs.


  4. it can help djs because its a good way for them to get thier music out there easily. i think the site can make money by charging a small fee to use the site.


  5. Thanks so much for the site, it will make for good party music and I know many potential users. I am very excited to be able to listen to good music for a long time without having to change the song. Some of my friends will be using it to make music too :)

  6. I really like the site mixcrate.com! It is a great site to become and new DJ and get your music out there! This site definitly has potential to make money through advertisments or selling the music like Itunes did. My favorite mixtape i listened to today was http://www.mixcrate.com/mix/7434/DJ-Carlo-T-Hip-Hop-Vol-IV---What-It-Is

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  8. Mixcrate.com benefits Djs, by sharing their music. Mixcrate allows Djs to upload their mixes and share them with the world. This sharing will help them get recognized and get them jobs for the future. This site has full potential to make money. Besides advertisements, they could sell downloads for a dollar each, or charge a small members fee.
    Here is a link to my favorite mix from today.

  9. i personaly think that mixcrate.com is a good website because yuh wont have to down load alot of cds to your computer and jst put your own kind of music to make their own remix that we like and people can comment and like it thats how they will get famous and they can share them as well.

  10. The site mixcrate.com can be a great tool for DJs. Its free to download and listen to the mixes people make. If the Dj is good many people will see it. This is a good way to advertise your talent. In order to make money they can make it pay to download but it might get less people who come to the site. It might be better to have the DJs pay for putting music on the site.

  11. i think that this website could really help djs get their names out there, it helps more people hear their stuff. i think that if it becomes successful enough someone could be charged to put their stuff on there, so thats how they would make music
    http://www.mixcrate.com/mix/36700/Tat-Dupsteb this is my favorite.

  12. i think that this site will help DJs get thare sound known and blow up fast.

  13. You can get your name out in the public. If enough people like and share your remixes, someone might contact you and you could get a job, possibly through this site. I think it does have the potential to make money. If the site gets popular, people should have the option to buy popular artists. People could have the option to upgrade their account and buy exclusive remixes.


  14. Mixcrate.com can benefit DJs by getting their name out on the web so possibly a record company could find you and make you famous so you can sell music. This site has huge potential to make a lot of money. In addition to advertisements, they could also charge songs for a dollar to a dollar twenty five like in iTunes.




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