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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Power of Film Combined with Social Media to Create Change

Watch this video about the power of film combined with social media and how people can make a difference in the world. This group, Invisible Children, visited Truckee High School a couple of years ago. http://www.invisiblechildren.com.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/

Now, one of their members has produced a short-film about their cause that has gone viral with tens of millions of people watching the video in just 2 days.

KONY 2012

After watching this news feature and short film, how do you think this viral video might create 'change' for the good?  What cause or issue are you passionate about that you could create a short film about and share with social media to educate more people about it?

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  1. I think that its really sad how the kids are forced to kill there own parents. I think its sad how Jacob saw his brother get killed because he tried to escape from Kony. Its sad when Jacob said that he prefers to die than to be in this earth because there is no one taking care of them.

  2. Kony is doing what he wished from a long time ago but this is because we have let him do it. But not any more because we have to stop him no matter what and if he wants us ti make him famous then we will make him famous by doing what we can do to make him famous as he wants it. When they say "Lets Cover The Night" It means that they are going to put posters every where and send flights so they could find him and make him famous.

  3. I think that this video will change the whole world. I believe that Joseph Kony is one of the most evil men on the planet and needs to be stopped as soon as possible. With the help of the US and countries like us we can easily stop him before he commits even more appalling things. I watched this video yesterday and it had around 39 million views.... As of now it has 57 million views. at this rate it will hit 100 million in 3 days. With this type of a reach these people can get the word out about Kony and pressure the government to take further action against him. This with help Joseph Kony will be stopped sooner then ever before.
    Kony 2012

  4. well i think that this video is really sad . i would never have the guts to tell a little kid to kill their own parents and to be sex slaves . i feel really sorry for Jacob cause he saw his brother get killed and honestly i would say the same thing he said if i was alone in this world and watched my brother get killed . if i was Jacob i wouldn't now what to do .

  5. i think it would help if everyone wached it and that would help to cappured that guy that you do then we could make this guy fames by sharing it on facebook by baldo

  6. I think the video is really sad. This guy is very out of control and needs to be stopped. Nothing he doing is okay. He is crazy and should be killed himself. I never got into the Kony thing until now even though it was all over facebook.


  7. This video is sad. The guy is crazy, other people might think that we shouldn't care because The U.S has nothing to do with Their country. But still I think that We should help does kids out it's sad to see how people can be really BAD!! just to have power.

  8. I think that this video is sad and that we should something to help those kids. Also that is sad how he tells that kids to kill their own parents. He is just doing this to have power.


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