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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cool Apps for Education


  1. I think that cool apps for education is a good way to teach kids basic things. Based on the video, I learned that there are fun ways to learn numbers and letters and such. When learning is fun, it makes you want to learn more and keep learning and get it in your head, and you understand it better.

    -Sarah S

  2. I think that these apps will be very beneficial for future generations. With these apps our kids will enjoy learning and be eager to learn anything and everything. If we had had this when we were younger i think that we would have been considerably smarter.
    With these apps comes a new way of learning. These days most kids play video games and enjoy them. If schools could create video games for learning then I think that all kids would enjoy school and want to go to the highest degree of education possible.

  3. Many of these apps look like they would help teach students in a fun manner. Although most of the apps look and sound like they are for elementary students. Elementary students do need a fun way to learn so the subject sticks better with them, but it would be nice if there were apps for older students! High school and middle school are nothing like elementary school! They both require more focus and there is more homework. Plus it is the first time kids see letter grades and they have to start thinking about their future! As a High School student it would be nice to have some fun apps to play and learn with in some difficult subjects! I believe that it would help students, who may learn differently than others! if they make fun apps for all grade levels almost all students would benefit from the apps!

  4. I think that learning from apps is a quick and easy way to help with a basic education. They are convenient to access and simple to understand. But at the same time, I feel like it's harder to learn from a computer. Learning should stay taught by teachers, not apps.
    Tori S.

  5. I think that teaching kids through games is the best way to make them remember things long term. I still remember some of the learning games I played in kindergarten. Plus, when things are fun, kids get excited about learning new information, which is hard to do without the aid of games.

    I also think that you can do this using technology is beneficial to kids. This generation of kids is going to be using so much technology throughout their lives, that giving them any kind of head start is going to make a big difference.

  6. I feel that this could work for some kids but also some others will not want to participate with the learning if there where a game for each type of subject and was about things that a kid would want then it would be a better idea
    Nic T

  7. in the video show that it would show the kid numbers and letters and it would make teachers life so much better and at the same time the kids would be having fun at the same time
    baldo r

  8. Most of the apps shown here offer students a fun way to learn, giving them the chance to actually enjoy what they are doing. If students had a chance to not think of learning as well, learning, a mental transformation of hating to loving learning would make sense.
    Austin M.

  9. i think that its good that the world is coming up with new and exciting things to have as apps. something they might want to think about is to not have just little kid apps and to widen the verity and have some for the upperclassmen.

  10. I believe that the students will learn better from games because honestly, that's what we like to do. I think it's a great way to get kids to start enjoying learning and to give the information a chance to stick in the brains of the students.

    But on the other hand, I have a feeling the kids will just use the opportunity of using their phones or whatever to play other games or get on websites like Facebook and Twitter. Students have a tendency to try to find an alternative to do other than learning, and I feel like this would just give them too much of an opportunity.

    Kaylee N

  11. I think that it is cool that they have those apps for the teachers. The video showed me that there are different types of apps for different subjects. They are easy for the students to understand and for the teacher to use them.-

  12. In my opion it is a great source to have educational apps for kids that want to have fun and have fun interacting with their math or literactul app. There are great apps that you can even get free and can help you for example there is a map, weather, reminder app etc. Young and elderly people can interact have fun and learn at the same time.


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