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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

SlideShare Quick Tour - Summary of features & capabilities

Thanks to my brother-in-law, Matt, a high school teacher in southern CA who was looking for ways to spice up his powerpoint lesson plans, I was introduced to this new social media site, Slideshare. Check out the slde show. I'm reflecting on how I might be able to use this with staff here at Truckee High School for students who miss class or need another chance to review presentations at home. We can already share presentations on our high school web site but they are not as intuitive as this service and Slideshare lets you spread the word easily through your social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

Thanks Matt!

After sharing Slideshare a colleague of mine, Scott, recommended his favorite presentation software that is free to students and educators.  Check out their presentation below about why they say we need to move "beyond slides".

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  1. Another reason in my opinion that schools must eventually quit blocking social network sites like Facebook. This is one major way people in the 21st century workplace connect and communicate. Even the White House has Facebook plugins all over its own web site.


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