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Friday, October 29, 2010

Programing Class - Time to teach Apps?

Happy Halloween Weekend!
Apple's iPhone and Google's Android smart phones have changed the way much of the world accesses the Internet.  Watching the show "Inside the Mind of Google" on CNBC (you can find it on YouTube) they explained how Google is involved in someway with over 60% of all Internet activity.  However, Apple controls over 60% of all Internet access on mobile devices due to their iPhone and all their apps.  That is why Google is putting so much energy and resources into the development of their new android mobile operating system for mobile phones.  Their execs in the show explain that more and more people everyday are moving to mobile devices for their Internet needs and they know because of this that if they are going to continue their dominance online that they are going to have to compete in this arena.

This evolution has me exploring how I could learn to teach an mobile app programming class.  My students have been very enthusiastic in response to polling I have done about this topic.  It is crazy how fast the technologies continue to change and that is the problem.....trying to keep up with it all.  Unfortunately, all of the professional development my district provides me is directed to collaboration with my peers on current curriculum, testing, and best teaching practices.  Guess what...surprise, none of my peers know how to teach app programming.  So, I'm going to have to figure out on my own time how to learn this programming language.

Anyone have any ideas where one can learn how to program apps and transfer this to the classroom for our students?

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