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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

California General Election Results|November 2, 2010|California Secretary of State

California General Election ResultsNovember 2, 2010California Secretary of State

Education has a big day today! The election results will have definite affects on the future of education in the state of California. Technology has made it easy to follow the polling results and to find all kinds of other information regarding the elections. I have to think that today's voters must be the most informed voters of all time due to the easy access of information on the Internet. However, with all the negative ad campaigns still flooding TV, radio, and the Internet; it still makes me wonder if the majority of voters actually read any of this information to get informed or still just vote along party lines and out of fear from negative media campaigns. Regardless, the Internet and social media web 2.0 sites have transformed the way candidates and other political advocacy groups get out their message. I also think it has leveled the playing field financially speaking since the Internet allows for so much networking and communication for so few dollars. It has also allowed the regular folks to easily combine their small financial donations easily to compete with large corporate interests. California's Governor race should be another interesting test on this since Meg Whitman has invested a record setting 140 million plus dollars of her own money. Jerry Brown's supporters have been using social media sites extensively to combat this financial blitzkrieg by Meg and all polls so far suggest that this defense worked. The Internet might prove to be the ultimate equalizer in politics!

Click the link above to get polling results for CA.


  1. i thought this was an important article becuase today is a day that we get new people that make are decisions for us. You explained alot and went into detail about thee important parts of the article. Its easy to read these too since you dont use large words that i cant understand!
    -Jenna R

  2. Have to agree with Jenna R. Thanks for not using big words.


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